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    • What is the dark side of the family?
      • the positive family picture by functionalism and the new right hides the reality of family life.
      • Criminal Statistics give the negative picture of the family
      • most recorded murders, assaults and child abuse takes place within family
        • child abuse is a major social problem within families
      • ¾ of all violence is domestic
      • male violence takes many forms - ****, sexual assult, physical beating, mental abuse, stalking, child abuse
      • attacks against men are more common than we think - but they are more likely to be ashames
      • Public awareness of domestic violence has increased in the last 30 years
    • Dobash and Dobash (1992)
      • 109 in-depth interviews with women who had been beaten & in a women's refuge
      • working & middle class, aged 16-60, most had 2-3 children
      • 1 or 2 women had been hit before marriage
      • men encouraged women to distance themselves from their friends and family but they keep their contacts
      • was a way of using power over their wives
      • domestic violence is about power
    • R.D.Laing
      • argued that the family are terrorised by children destroying their 'free will' and 'creativity'
        • suggests that family is harmful in itself & family can cause mental illness
    • Mirrlees-Black (1995)
      • questionnaires from men and women victims aged 16-59 years of age
      • 4.9% of men & 5.9% of women had been victims of physical abuse by current/former partners
        • most people were attacked at least 3 times before reporting the abuse
        • abuse against men is increasing
    • Elizabeth Stanko (2003)
      • 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men report a physical assault by a partner in their lifetime
      • approximately 10% women experience domestic violence in any given year
      • the form of violence is largely male offenders with a female victim
      • however, female violence against male victims is on the rise
    • Research Difficulties female on male abuse
      • the stigma attached to men for admitting they're victims
      • men feel ashamed and humiliated as traditionally they are the stronger sex
      • power in relationships is linked to ideas of masculinity
      • men feel police & other authorities will not take their reports seriously
    • Lockhurst (1999)
      • the problem of females abusing males is 'underestimated', unresearched and underfunded


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