The Cult Of Stalin

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  • The Cult of Stalin
    • Aimed particularly at children
      • Teach them Stalin was 'great leader'
      • People were told he was the center of good and wise
    • Glorifying Stalin
      • A 'God-like' being
    • Promised to reward loyalty
      • Better housing and promotions at work
    • He used skills he had developed as editor of the Pravda
    • He wanted to show how communism was developing
      • But he still wanted to be close to Lenin and his ideas in Leninism
      • A true leader
    • People were instructed to produce works praising him
      • Statues, art, posters and photos were made to present him as a great leader
    • He rewrote history
      • Removed of 'enemies' such as Trotsky
      • He wanted to be shown as planning the October Revolution and Civil War (which Trotsky did).
      • Images were faked to show his closeness to Lenin
      • School books were changed. Stalin's relationship with Lenin and role in the Revolution was exaggerated
    • An important reason for the cult was so it could replace religious worship with leader worship
    • 1932 Decree 'On the Reconstruction of Literacy and Art Organisation'
      • Attempt to control artists/ musicians/ poets/ authors to show a 'perfect' USSR
      • Important to show the workers as heroes
    • Party members praised his achievements as leader
      • Stalin encouraged the cult of Lenin


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