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  • Creation
    • The biblical creation
      • Genesis chapter 1
        • God created the whole universe in six days, starting with the heaven and the Earth and ending with the creation of humans (male and female together). Each part of the creation came about because of God 's word's, and God made human  to have authority over the world and its contents.
      • Genesis chapter 2
        • God created the heavens and the Earth, then formed Adam, then vegetation, animals and birds, then created Eve from Adam's rib. Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden until the serpent tempted them to eat forbidden fruit to become like God. Eve ate the fruit and gave some to Adam. As a result of this first sin they were banished from the Garden.
    • The Catholic understanding of Genesis
      • The Catholic Church believes the Bible writers were inspired by God but expressed things in their own words.
        • Genesis has  two versions of creation to communicate eternal truths about God's purpose and human sinfulness. Catholic accept the scientific view of creation but believe Genesis reveals the truth that creation came from God.
    • Different Christian Views
      • Fundamental Protestants
        • Believe that the Bible is the word of God and so is true and so Genesis is correct. They believe Genesis 1 gives overall pictures of creation, whereas Genesis 2-3 concentrates on Day 6 and original sin, needing the salvation of Jesus, They do not accept the Big Bang and evolution.
      • Mainstream Protestants
        • Believe that the Bible is the Word of God but not his actual words. they see Genesis 2-3 as a commentary on Genesis 1 rather than a different story. they regard Genesis 1 as fairly factual, with the days as billion of years. they accept the Big Bang and evolution..
      • Liberal Protestants
        • Believe that the Bible is people's words about God rather than the words of God. They regard Genesis 1 as a story about creation where what is important is the truth that the universe was created by God. They see Genesis 2-3 written  by different person. they accept the Big Bang and evolution.
    • What creation shows about the nature of God
      • The biblical story of creation shows that God is:
        • The creator, who created the heaven and the earth.
        • Eternal because he had no beginning (to create he must have existed before the beginning of time).
        • Omnipotent because he created the universe out for nothing.
        • Benevolent because he created the world for humans and made it a good place for them to live, with all sustenance they need.
    • Biblical story
      • Shows that life is sacred. Those things which God creates must be like him, holy, so humans need to treat the creation carefully with respect.
    • Sources of wisdom and authority
      • 'Let us make man in our image' (Genesis 1:26)
      • The  Catechism says that Genesis 1-3 may have different sources, but they come at the beginning of the Bible to express the truth of creation.
      • Genesis 1 says, 'God saw all that he had made and it was very good.'


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