A Christmas Carol- Characters- The Cratchit Family

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  • The Cratchit Family
    • Mr and Mrs Cratchit has 6 children and they live in the same house. They're loving and cheerful despite their poverty
    • Bob is uncomplaining and tolerant. He works quietly in his "dismal little cell"
      • Bob is courteous and deferential , he returns Fred's greetings "cordially"
      • Bob is patient when Scrooge grumbles about his taking Christmas day off
      • His eagerness and pleasure regarding Christmas contrast with Scrooge's attitude.
      • Bob Cratchit is cheerful, loving and forgiving
      • He's caring and tender with Tiny Tim, who sits "very close to his father's side"
      • Despite his grief at Tim's death, he tries to be cheerful around his family
    • Mrs Cratchit works hard to make the Cratchit family happy
      • When Tim dies she's protective of her family feelings
    • Tiny Tim is fragile and very ill
      • Dickens presents Tiny Tim as a good character by showing us his religious nature
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    • Key Quote
      • "Spirit of Tiny Tim, thy childish essence was from God"


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