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  • The CPU
    • Central Processing Unit
      • The brain of the computer system
      • Processes all of the data nd instructions
      • Processing power depends on:
        • Clock speed
        • Number of cores
        • Cache size
    • Components
      • Control Unit (CU)
        • The overall control of the CPU
        • Controls the flow of data inside and outside of the CPU:
          • To registers, ALU, cache
          • To main memory or input/output devices
        • Fetch-decode-execute cycle
      • Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)
        • Does all the calculations
        • Performs logic operations like AND, OR NOT and binary shifts
        • Contains the accumulator register
      • The cache
        • Slower than the registers but faster than RAM
        • Stores regularly used data
        • Have low capacity and more expensive than RAM
    • Registers
      • Program counter
        • Holds the memory address of the instruction
      • Memory Address Register (MAR)
        • Holds any memory address about to be used by the CPU.
      • Memory Data Register (MDR)
        • Holds the actual data or instruction
      • Accumulator
        • Stores intermediate results of ALU
    • Fetch-decode-execute cycle
      • Fetch
        • Copies memory address from the program counter to the MAR
        • Copy the instruction stored in the MAR to the MDR
        • Increase the program counter ready for the next cycle
      • Decode
        • The instruction from MDR is decoded by the CU.
      • Execute
        • The instruction is given. e.g. loading data from memory


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