The Course and Outcomes of the Civil War

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  • The Course and Outcome of the Civil War
    • Early Royalist opportunities
      • Royalists needed to take London
      • Oct, 1642: Managed to win at Edgehill in Essex and followed retreating army to London
        • Chance to take London slipped away because Charles insisted on taking towns like Oxford on the way
          • Retreated to Oxford in the winter 1643
      • Planned a 3-pronged attack on London
        • Charles and Newcastle were delayed in besieging towns so only Hopton in the West was ready
          • The failure to capture London was a turning point in the war
    • The Battle of Marston Moor
      • 1644
      • Parliament had reinforcement from Scotland
        • Royalists had a few Irish troops but no support from the continent
      • Surprise attack in the evening and disagreements between Rupert and Newcastle meant parliament won
      • The North was lost to Charles
    • The Battle of Naseby
      • 1645
      • Outnumbered and outfought by New Model Army
      • Belongings of Charles were captured, showing his contacts with Catholic monarchs in Europe
        • Propaganda
      • Parliament took the West and Rupert withdrew from the war after a fight with Charles
    • Royal Surrender
      • Apr 1646
      • Charles surrendered to Scotland and royalists gradually stopped fighting
      • Charles still hoped he could negotiate a good settlement


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