The Cosmological Argument

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  • Thomas Aquinas
    • The Cosmological Argument
      • Explanation In its form today
        • Everything can exist and not-exist: that is, everything in the natural world is contingent
          • If everything is contingent, then at some time there was nothing, because there must have been a time when could have come from nothing
      • Criticisms from Hume and Russell
    • In his book 'Summa Theologica' , St. Aquinas argued five ways for the existence of God
      • The 3rd way is the important one as it argues that all things in the universe are contingent.  They are moved , changed and caused; they do not need to exist, but they do.
        • Based on this, Aquinas argued that because contingent things exist, there must be something external that was necessary which caused these contingent things to exist
    • Way 1: Motion
      • Way 2: Causation
        • Way 3: Contingency


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