Control of the Grand Empire

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  • The Control of the Grand Empire
    • Pacification
      • 1800-05 only fighting was at sea or in the colonies. Peace on the continent. Used this time to pacify and control the Empire.
      • Feudalism abolished in the terriroties, Civil Code introduced, Departments, Prefects and centralised control.
      • German & Italian territories that were annexed had less time under FR control and so changes did not last after 1815.
    • Admin-istration
      • Rulers of sat states supervised by N, expected to rule in FR's interests. Divided into departments controlled by a prefect. Canton abolished as an electoral unit but retained as the base of the four arms of Imperial control.
        • The gendarmes answered to the Minster of War, mayors answered to the Minister of the Interior, Justices of the peace answered to the Minister of Justice and the Police commissioner answered to the Minister of Police.
      • Some smaller states in GR & IT were amalgamated to bigger states (N as a supporter of Nationalism??)
      • Gendarmerie, imposed law, stationed in units of six or seven men in small rural areas as well as towns. Visible presence of gov.
    • Finance
      • Reformed fiscal system served as a model throughout the Empire.
      • Heavy financial demands placed on sat states (Holland and IT) needed a more efficient tax system and more state control.
      • Damage to local economies due to taxation and economic destruction due to warfare. Conscription removed manpower from agriculture.
    • Social
      • Didn't abolish feudalism in all territories, adopted a pragmatic approach of exercising power through existing elites.
      • Historians agree IT, GR & POL remained unchanged mostly.


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