Coming of war

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  • The coming of war
    • The Nazi-Soviet Pact, 1939
      • Stalin tried to make pacts with different European nations
      • Germany eager to sign a non-aggression deal
      • Signed in Moscow
      • Committed to peaceful relations
      • Allowed Hitler and Stalin to expand their territories
      • Bought time for Russia to prepare for war
    • The Great Patriotic War
      • June 1941-Operation Barbarossa
        • Germany launched raid attack-targeted Moscow
      • September 1941-Operation Typhoon
        • German troops reached Moscow, troops laid siege to the cities
      • August 1942-February 1943-Battle at Stalingrad
        • Over 1.9 million killed and Russian troops succeeded in repelling attack
      • September 1942-Operation Uranus
        • Massive Russian counter-attack, forced Germans out of their territory
      • January 1944-Ten Great Victories
        • Russia captured significant territory in E Europe
      • April 1945-Battle for Berlin
        • Russian troops reach Berlin, Russia conquered Berlin ending war
    • How far was Russia prepared for war?
      • The Red Army
        • 36-38, Army purged removing most of its senior officers
        • Weakened the strength of the Red Army
      • Russian economy
        • Chaos of third 5YP made economic prep difficult
        • Rearmament spending did rise significantly
      • Spying
        • Best spy network i the world
        • Stalin ignored valuable information as he didnt trust the spies


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