The Cold War Intensifies

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  • The Arms Race and the Warsaw Pact
    • The Cold War Intensifies
      • Soviet Control of Hungary
        • Hungary suffered under Stalin's control
        • Food & industrial products shipped to Russia
        • Had brutal leader (Rakosi)
        • communist rule unpopular
        • Destalinisation
          • Stalin died & replaced by Khrushchev
          • Harvest bad for Hungarians= demonstrations against communism (statues destroyed)
          • Nagy employed to calm situation down
      • The Soviet Invasion of Hungary, 1956
        • Khrushchev disapproved of Nagy's reforms & took action
          • 4 Nov 1956 Khrushchev sent 200,000 Soviet troops to Hungary
        • 5000 Hungarians killed
        • Nagy & his government deposed
        • Nagy executed (as warning to other satellite countries)
        • Reactions & consequences
          • UN condemned actions (countries boycotted Olympics)
          • USA support Hungarians (but don't send troops)
          • soviet control tightens
    • Nuclear monopoly used by USA to deter USSR
      • allowed best strategy in case of war
        • development of nuclear weapons on each side = Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD)
          • confrontation could escalate to nuclear war
            • USA & USSR had to find way to stop disputes turning into war
    • Warsaw Pact= collective defence treaty
    • Significance of WP
      • two opposing alliances
      • planned military action against each other
      • gave USSR direct control over armed forces in satellite states


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