The Cold War Develops

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  • The Cold War Develops
    • Germany and The Cold War
      • Capitalist countries united against communists through Bizonia
      • Communists wanted a weak Germany through division (Berlin Blockade)
      • Berlin Airlift (26 Jun- 30 Sept 1949) thousands of tonnes of supplies daily
        • West Germany
          • USA= peace & generous
          • West Germany officially formed (FRG)
          • Western European countries & USA form NATO
        • East Germany
          • USSR= aggressive & threatening
          • East Germany officially formed (GDR)
          • USSR form Warsaw Pact
    • Cominform, Comecon & NATO
      • Cominform= communist info bureau
        • get rid of opposition in satellite states
        • it encouraged communist parties to block MP
      • Comecon= council of mutual economic assistance
      • Western Europe now linked to USA
      • Eastern Europe linked to USSR
      • NATO
        • set up in 1949 (military alliance of capitalist countries)
        • NATO based of collective security
        • NATO against possible USSR attack on Western Europe
      • Significance of NATO
        • shows USA & Western Europe not accepting USSR aggression
        • USSR strengthen control of East (Warsaw Pact)
        • two military alliances on across iron curtain
    • Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan
      • Truman Doctrine (1947)
        • countries face choice
        • communism is bad
        • USA control spread of communism
        • USA provide money & troops to combat communists
      • Europe devastated by war (communism more attractive)
      • Marshall Plan (1947)
        • $13 billion loan
        • stop communism
        • countries must trade with USA
        • USSR criticise Marshall plan (attack on them)


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