The Cold War and the Berlin Blockade - Germany

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  • The Cold War and the Berlin Blockade
    • Events
      • June 1948-May 1949 - as a result of growing divisions between the Western Allies and the Soviets over currency, the Soviets blocked access to West Berlin
      • The Soviets blocked travel between the West and East completely, aiming to starve the West into surrendering
      • The Allies supplied West Berlin through Berlin's Tempelhorf airport - bringing food, medicine and fuel. They built a new airport in the Tegel area of French Berlin
      • West Berlin became a symbol of resistance to the spread of communism
    • Impact
      • The West now wanted to protect Western democracy from communism and strop West Berlin falling to the Soviets without a war. Berlin became the centre of the Cold War
    • The Berlin Blockade confirmed Germany's division into East and West
    • The East and West were Allies during the war. However, all that united them was their hatred of Hitler. Difficulties inevitably developed in the Cold War
    • Some have argued that Stalin wanted to spread communism for world domination. Berlin was a key to unlocking this
    • Revisionists suggest that the Cold War came from the USA's fear of communism and that the USSR was not in a financially stable position to expand
    • The USSR seemed to be expanding its influence. Churchill said an Iron Curtain had come down - this made the Cold War necessary
    • Truman issued the Truman Doctrine, promising to fight against communism
    • Truman thought communism was only appealing in low income countries, so came up with the Marshall Aid Plan to provide those countries with material wealth


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