The Russian Civil War

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  • The Civil War
    • The Reds (Red Army) were the Bolshevik forces. They were led by Leon Trotsky and fought to defend the revolution.
    • The Germans continued to occupy parts of Russia and attack Bolshevik troops until November 1918. They fought to defend the gains they had made in WW1.
    • The Greens were mostly made up of SRs (Social Revolutionaries). They set up their own governments in certain ares of Russia where they enjoyed mass support (especially in rural areas) and were fighting for a society based on the local organisation of peasants. They were defeated by the Whites
    • The Whites were a collection of anti-Red forces. They had many small armies that rarely cooperated. The lack of supplies and organisation meant that they were easily defeated. All wanted slightly different things.
  • The Russian Civil War (1917-22) took place between the Red Army and a collection of other forces. It started because the Bolsheviks failed to consolidate their power. By winning, they firmly established a communist government.


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