artery, vein, capillary

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  • Artery, Vein and Capillary (the heart)
    • ARTERY
      • blood travels away from the heart
      • high pressure blood
      • small lumen
      • oxygenated blood (exception = pulmonary artery as it is carrying deoxygenated blood from the heart to the lungs so blood can become oxygenated)
      • thick muscular wall  to withstand high pressure blood
      • elastic tissue allows artery to stretch when blood is forced into it
      • protective collagen layer
    • VEIN
      • low pressure blood
      • blood travels towards the heart
      • large lumen
      • thin muscle layer - wall not thick enough to hold round shape
      • deoxygenated blood (exception= pulmonary vein as it is carrying oxygenated blood from the lungs to the heart)
      • valve to stop backflow
      • protective collagen layer
      • blood flows through organs/ tissues and it brings oxygen to every cell in the body
      • very thin walls, one cell thick
      • permeable


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