Circulatory system

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  • The Circulatory System
    • Arteries
      • Carry Blood away from the heart
        • High Pressure
      • Thick, strong wall structure
        • Muscles, elastic fibres and fibrous tissues
      • Narrow lumen
      • Strength can withstand pressure of pulsing blood
      • Helps to maintain high blood pressure
        • Strength can withstand pressure of pulsing blood
        • Prevents backflow
    • Capillaries
      • Supply all the cells with their requirements
        • Take away waste products
      • Very thin wall, only one cell thick
      • Very narrow lumen - just wide enough for a red blood cell to pass through
      • Thin walls bring blood into close contact with body tissue
        • Allows diffusion of materials e.g. gaseous exchange
    • Veins
      • Return blood to the heart at low pressure
      • Thin structure of wall
        • Mainly Fibrous tissue
        • Contain far less muscle and elastic tissue
          • Mainly Fibrous tissue
      • Wide lumen
      • Valves to prevent backflow


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