The Children Act 1989

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  • The Children Act 1989
    • The Paramouncy Principle
      • The welfare of the child is the paramount consideration 
        • By having the child’s safety as first concern they are likely to remain safe and be the priority in any decisions made.
    • Staying in the family environment
      • Wherever possible, children should be brought up and cared for within their own families
        • It is in the child’s best interest to stay with their family when possible, however the paramouncy principle must always come first
    • Should be provided as a service to the child and their family 
      • Should be provided in partnership with the parents
      • Should meet each child's identified needs
      • Should be appropriate to the child's race, culture, religion and language
      • Should be open to effective independent representations and complaints procedures
      • Should draw upon effective partnership between the local authority and other agencies, including voluntary agencies. 
    • Parental Responsibility
      • Parents continue to have parental responsibility for their child, even when they are no longer living with them 
        • Importantly parents should be kept informed about their children and participate in decisions made about their child’s future
    • Rights of the Child
      • The child should be told about any important decisions or changes that occur in their care, that may affect their future


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