'The charge of the light brigade' by Tennyson

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  • 'The charge of the light brigade' by Tennyson
    • Ideas about the power and conflict
      • Someone with power gave an order that led to the deaths of many soldiers.
      • The conflict is violent.
      • The poem praises and honours the bravery of the soldiers in the conflict.
      • The soldiers must obey orders from those in power, even if the order are foolish.
    • Context
      • The light brigade were soldiers on horses, armed with swords.
      • The war is the Crimean war (1853 - 1856): Britain fought Russia.
      • A mistake meant that the light brigade of 600 soldiers was ordered to charge into a valley that was surrounded by heavy Russian arms.
      • The charge was criticised at the time for wasting soldiers' lives.
    • Language
      • Heroic language for the soldiers'' bravery in conflict: "wild charge", "boldly , "hero"
      • Admiring language to remember the soldier: "honour", "glory", "noble"
      • Language to show mission is doomed: "valley of death", "jaws of death"
    • Form
      • The rhythm sounds like horses charging.
      • Rhymes (including triplets) drive the poem forward like the charge.
      • Refrain of "...six hundred" honours the men.
      • The shorter final stanza hints at the loss of men in the battle.
    • Quotations to learn
      • "six hundred"
      • "valley of death"
      • "some one had blunder'd"
      • "storm'd at with shot and shell"
    • Structure
      • Heavy repetition to suggest inevitable doom - the men bound to die.
      • The poem tells the story of the battle in chronological order.
      • Sibilance suggests viciousness of battle: "storm'd at with shot and shell"




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