The changing UK Economy

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  • The changing UK economy
    • Government policies
      • 1945-1979 Government spent money to prop up run down and old state-run industry
      • 1979-2010 now private shareholders = many job loss + New change and innovation
      • 2010-onward Rebalance with improved transport and easy access to loans
    • Research - British Antarctic Survey employs 500 skilled personnel in cambridge and the poles
      • Investigate changing Arctic ice and Space weather
    • Uni of Southhampton Science park
      • Fibrecore - Manufacturer of optical fibres Symetrica - Specialise gamma-rays linked to Uni Physics dep.
      • Great transport links with M27 and Southampton airport Attractive location and graduate employees
    • Cobalt Business Park Newcastle
      • Support facilities with Retail outlets, recreation, cycleways
      • Companies such as Siemens, IBM & Santander close to A1 and international airport
    • Torr Quarry, Somerset
      • Employs 100 people producing 5Mn tn of construction material
      • Restore to create wildlife lakes, natural landscape and 200 acres blended with grass and trees
    • London's Crossrail
      • Link Reading and Heathrow to Shenfield costing £14.8 Bn
      • Better access to Underground and UK + Europe with 200Mn per yr
    • Liverpool2
      • Deep water quay = £300Mn to reduce congestion and boost economy and employment


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