The challenge of Secularism

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  • The Challenge of Secularism
    • Freud
      • "The religions of mankind must be cursed as among the mass delusions"
      • Religion is a way of an immature mind trying to make sense of a harsh cruel world
    • Dawkins
      • Calls Religion: non thinking by following religion you don't have to think about your question any more as it is due to God.
      • Religion is a delusion making it a great faithful for people as many of them have the same delusion
    • Humanist societies see that religion should play no part in a children's education
      • Dawkins: agrees, as it is "a form of child abuse"
      • Dawson: thinks that many people may loose their identity
    • The Queen is the defender of faith, Charles wants to change this to Defender of faiths
      • Campbell: government doesn't want to be involved in religion


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