The causes of the October Revolution - 1917

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  • Causes of the October Revolution - 1917
    • June offensive
      • Soldiers were engaged to the Bolsheviks propaganda
      • the loyalty of the number of soldiers that would support the provisional government remained uncertain.
    • July Days
      • The Bolshevik attempt to seize power.
      • The 3 day revolt was a misjudgement
        • Bolsheviks not strong enough.
      • This caused Lenin to flee to Finland.
      • A lot of Bolshevik leaders were arrested
        • Bolsheviks looked weak.
    • Kornilov Revolt
      • General Kornilov attempted to seize power under his dictatorship.
      • The Provisional Government had no choice but to get the Red Guards to squash the revolt.
      • The Bolsheviks encouraged the soldiers to desert.
      • The train lines and communication links were disrupted.
      • The revolt was over.
        • The train lines and communication links were disrupted.
    • the removal of the Provisional Government
      • The failure of the Provisional Government meant they became very unpopular.
      • The idea of Lenin's 'Bread, Peace and Land' became popular,
      • the Red Guards, organised by Leon Trotsky, were well-trained and ruthless.
      • The Red Army took over the government almost without anyone knowing.
  • November 1917.


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