The Causes of the Bamberg Witch Hunts 1623-32

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  • Causes for the Great Witch Hunt in Bamberg
    • Law
      • 1532 The Cardina Law Code: justice was a local matter
        • Conflict over how to treat/prosecute witches
        • Created witch panic- difficult to control
      • Politcal and judicial authority in Germany was fragmneted
      • Limited legal framework
      • 1548: a ruler of a region decided the religion for that religion
    • Governement
      • No central control
        • Difficult to maintain peace when panic broke out
        • No authority capable to stop it
      • 1548: a ruler of a region can decide the religion of that region
    • Maleficium/ Pact with the devil
      • Fear of the devil
      • Reformtion & Counter-Reformation
        • Led people to believe that the Devils work is all around them
        • Catholics preached violently anti-Proestwent messages
          • Led people to believe that the Devils work is all around them
        • Persecutionas and imprisonment for those who did not convert to Protestent in areas
      • 1517: Martin Luther
        • Protested againest Catholic church = Protestant Reformation
          • Rips Europe apart espically HRE
          • Believed to be works of the devil
    • Economic
      • High taxes from war
      • Inflation
      • Prices increase
    • Religious
      • 1548 Act
        • Without real central power it led to problems
          • Situations like where Catholic leaders ruled over a region of majority Protestant
        • Catholics, Calvinists and Lutherans living amongst each other
    • War
      • Thirty Years Wars
        • Extreme cases of witchcraft occurred during the Thirty's War (1618-48)
        • Armis devasted the areas of S Germany
          • Econmic devastions, supplies decreased, poor harvests, inflation
            • Led to a growing fear of witches as misfortune
    • Other
      • HRE
        • Geographical and religious mess
          • Boundaries overlapped
      • Some ares had little no witch hunting, whereas had thousands of extreme cases
      • Prosections took place in areas ruled by prince-bisophs
      • Johann Gottfried von Aschhausen
        • Prince-bisoph of Bamberg 1609
          • Led to an increase of prosecutons
          • issued a new ordinance of witchcraft which punished anyone practising magic
      • Weather
        • Frost destroyed wine crops in 1629
        • Little Ice Age


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