The Capulets

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  • The Capulets
    • Personality
      • Lady Capulet is bossy and ambitious
        • She wants Juliet to gain wealth and status by marrying Paris
        • She got married young and therefore thinks Juliet should do the same
        • She is violent and unforgiving - wants Romeo killed in A3 S1
        • She relies on the Nurse to do most of the parenting to Juliet and is unsympathetic to Juliet's feelings
      • Capulet is lovely to Juliet so long as she obeys him
        • Capulet changes throughout the play - at first he wants Juliet to have a scope of choice but then he tries forcing her to marry Paris
        • He's controlling and doesn't like it when things don't go his way
        • The Capulets represent the sort of parents the audience would recognise
    • Quotes
      • "Disobedient wretch!" Act 3 Scene 5
        • Women in context would never go against their fathers like this - the audience partly understands
        • Capulet is seen to be very controlling and doesn't give in to Juliet's pleading - he threatens to disown his own daughter
        • He's controlling and doesn't like it when things don't go his way
      • "Faith, I can tell her age unto an hour" Act 1 Scene 3 (The Nurse)
        • This shows the level of neglect from Juliet's mother - The Nurse knows Juliet better than her own mother
    • Themes
      • Love - Lady Capulet has a cold attitude towards love and marriage - she only talks about Paris' Social standing and never takes Juliet's feelings into account


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