The Bright Lights Of Sarajevo Analysis

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  • The Bright Lights of Sarajevo
    • Quotes supporting themes
      • War
        • "often dodging snipers on the way"
        • "Serb Mortars massacred the breadshop queue
        • "and blood-dunked crusts of shredded bread."
      • Love
        • "No torches to guide them but they don't collide
        • "the young go walking at strolling pace."
    • Juxtaposition
      • Love and War
        • Harrison juxtaposes the two against each other in order to convey the message that love is greater than war
          • By doing this Harrison, shows that love guides them through the darkness (the war)
        • 'no torches guide them, but they don't collide'
      • Day and Night
        • The day in the poem, is plagued by war, as snipers and mortars run loose, and civilians stay locked up at home, scared
          • "black shapes impossible to mark as Muslim, Serb or Croat"
            • By doing this, he shows that there is a future where the city lives in peace, a future where people are acknowledged as equal regardless of their religion
        • In contrast, the night is more peaceful, the fighting stops and the darkness hides figures from snipers, and everyone, regardless of their
    • Context
      • The poem is set during the Siege of Sarajevo during the Bosnian War in 1992
      • The war is defined as ethnic cleansing, where a lot of the war focused on attacking Bosniaks


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