The Breakdown of Personal Rule

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  • The Breakdown of Personal Rule
    • Trouble in Scotland
      • Charles had tried to reclaim Church land from Scottish Nobles
      • Tried to enforce the power of bishops
      • He imposed new canons on the Scottish Church
      • A new Prayer Book in Scotland caused riots
      • The Bishops' War
        • In 1638, Scotland had banned the Prayer Book and abolished bishops
        • By June 1639, the two sides were at war
        • The Scottish army was well-trained and experienced
          • The English army was made up of uninterested militias
        • England retreated in the first Bishops' War and parliament had to be called
    • Trouble in England
      • No parliament and strict censorship laws meant it was difficult, but not impossible, to function
      • Providence Island Company aided emigration to New England
      • The punishment of Prynne, Bastwick, and Burton had lead to some public anger
    • Hampden's case, 1637
      • Hampden barely lost in the Court of the Exchequer for not paying ship money
      • This lead to a sharp decline in revenues from Ship Money - in 1639, only 25% of the tax was collected, down from 96% in 1635


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