The Eye and the Brain

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  • The Brain and the Eye
    • The Brain
      • Controls complex behaviour
      • Made of billions are interconnected neurones
      • It has three different regions:
        • Cerebral cortex
          • Outer wrinkly bit- controls consciousness,intelligence, memory and language
        • Medulla
          • Controls unconscious activies
          • The brain stem
        • Cerebellum
          • Controls muscle Coordination
    • Investigating the Brain
      • Consequences
        • Can help in developments for treatments in brain diseases
        • Can cause damage such as speech impairments
    • The Eye
      • Sense organ containing light and colour receptive sensors
      • Iris Reflex
        • When bright light is detected
          • The circular muscles in the iris contract and the radial muscles relax
            • This makes the pupil smaller reducing the light going throughout
      • Accommodation
        • Near objects
          • Ciliary muscles contract, slackens the suspensory ligaments
            • Lens becomes fat
              • Increases the amountrefractslight
        • Distant objects
          • Ciliary muscles relax allowing the suspensory ligaments to pull tight
            • The lens is less thin
              • Refracts light by a smaller amount
      • Structure
        • Retina
          • Back of the eye which contains the receptor cells
        • Optic nerve
          • Carries impulses from the receptors on the retina to the brain
        • Sclera
          • Tough, supporting wall
        • Cornea
          • Transparent outer layer at the front of the eye - it refracts the light
        • Iris
          • Contains muscles that can control the diameter of the pupil
        • Ciliary muscles and suspensory ligaments
          • Control the shape of the lens


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