The brain

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  • The brain
    • impulses come into the motor areas where motor neurons send out impulses. e.g to skeletal muscles
      • the size of the motor area is in proportion to the relative number  of motor endings in it.
      • the main region which controls movement is the primary motor cortex located at the back of the frontal lobe
    • each sensory area within the cerebral hemisphere receives; information from receptor cells located in sense organs
      • size of sensory area allocated is in proportion to the relative number of receptor cells present in the body part. the info is then passed onto other areas of the brain known as association areas, to be analysed and acted upon
    • the cerebrum receives information interprets from previous experiences and then sends impulses along motor neurons to effectors to produce an appropriate response
      • responsible for coordinating all of the body's voluntary responses as well as some involuntary ones.
    • in the base of the brain, impulses from each side of the body cross
      • left hemisphere receives  impulses from the right side of the body and vice versa


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