The Bloody Chamber-quotes

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  • The Bloody Chamber Quotes
    • The Bloody Chamber
      • Tender, delicious ecstasy of excitement
      • Are you sure you love him? I am sure I want to marry him
      • Strange, heavy almost waxen face
      • My skin crisped at his touch
      • The frail child
      • That are white and stain you
      • Absolute darkness
      • I longed for him and he disgusted me
      • It spares my shame
    • The courtship of Mr.Lyon
      • Its presence choked me
      • miss Lamb, spotless sacrificial
      • All the natural laws of the world were held in suspension
      • I had not the stomach to kill the gentle beasts
      • If you'll have me, I'll never leave you
    • The Tiger's bride
      • My father lost me to the beasrt at cards
      • You are so careless of your treasures
      • My spite was as sharp as broken glass
      • The beast bought solitude, not luxury
      • A tear, I hoped of shame
      • Ripped off skin after successive skin
    • The snow child
      • I wish I had a girl... as white as snow, red as blood, black as a raven
      • The girl picks a rose
      • Bleeds; screams;falls
      • Thrust his virile member into the dead girl
      • It bites
    • The company of wolves
      • He cannot listen to reason
      • Never cease to mourn their own condition
      • ominous, brilliant look of blood on snowl
      • Closed up on her like a pair of jaws
      • She freely gave him the kiss she owned


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