The Blood

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  • The Blood
    • Red Blood Cells
      • No nucleus- more space to pack in haemoglobin
      • Red pigment- haemoglobin- carry oxygen
      • Shape: biconcave discs
      • In lungs: haemoglobin+oxygen
      • Pick up oxygen from the lungs
      • Large surface area to volume ratio- diffusion of oxygen can take place
    • White Blood Cells
      • Bigger than Red Blood Cells and fewer of them
      • Have a nucleus
      • Others digest invading bacteria/virus
      • Parts of body's defence system
    • Platelets
      • Helps produce a network of protein threads
      • Small fragments of cells, no nucleus
      • Helps blood to clot
      • Clot dries and hardens to form a scab
      • Threads capture lots of red blood cells and more platelets to form a jelly like clot
      • Scab protects new skin as it grows and stops bacteria getting in your body
    • Plasma
      • Red & White blood cells, Platelets, hormones, antibodies/antitoxins
      • Carries everything in the blood
      • Nutrients like glucose, amino acids, C02 from organs to lungs, urea from liver and kidney
      • Transport medium- yellow liquid


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