The Black Death

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  • The Black Death
    • What people thought caused the Black Death.
      • God sent the Black Death as a punishment for sinful acts.
      • Astrology. They believed the movement of the planets was the cause.
      • Jews were said to have poisoned the water supply.
      • Miamsa - bad smells based on observation.
      • Imbalance of the 4 Humours.
    • Causes of The Black Death
      • A bacteria that thrived in the stomach of fleas that lived on the blood of rats.
        • When the rats died the fleas had to find a new host so moved onto humans.
      • The disease spread quickly due to people living in close proximity of one another and were unaware of contagious diseases.
    • Consequence-s of The Black Death.
      • Positive
        • There was a shortage of workers so people could ask for higher wages.
        • Enabled the poorer communites to have more freedom.
        • More space and land as population fell by 2.5 million from 4 million.
      • Negative
        • Towns weren't run properly as officials had died.
        • There were massive food shortages.
        • A vast number of priests died, so the opinion about the Catholic Church changed.
          • the reputation of the church was damaged as many churchman were criticised of cowardice when they deserted their villages.
            • This was balanced out by the number of priests that died.


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