The Black Death- Summary

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  • The Black Death
    • Factors
      • Poor Medical knowledge
        • Doctors did not understand disease.
      • Poor Public Health
        • No system of drains, sewers or rubbish collection
          • Rats and germs thrived in these conditions
      • Bad Harvets
        • After 1300, there was a climate change and harvests failed.
          • Hundred Years' war armies used a tactic called 'Chevauchee'. Soldiers destroyed houses and crops
      • Global Trade
        • Merchants were trading worldwide.
          • Historians believed that it originated in China, and followed all trading routes
      • Rats
        • Historians believe that the black death was caused by different strains of the bubonic plague.The plague lived on fleas which lived on black rats
    • Medieval Medical Knowledge
      • no knowledge of germs
      • At best based upon ancient Roman and Greek ideas
        • The Four Humours
        • Balancing the four humors to make a person better
      • Basic tools to diagnose and treat illness
      • Release evil spirits by trepanning
        • Drilling a hole into someone's head
    • Medieval beliefs of causes
      • The movements of the planets
      • a punishment of God
      • 'Miasma'
        • Bad smells/air
      • Enemies/ Jewswho poisoned wells
      • Staring at a victim
      • Wearing pointy shoes
      • Strangers to villages
      • Volcanoe fumes
    • What the actual plague was
      • Bubonic plague
        • Black Buboes or swelling in the groin, armpit or neck
        • Chance of surviving if the buboes burst
        • 50% Chance of death
        • caused septecemic and pneumonic
      • Pneumonic Plague
        • Severe type of lung infection, cough up blood
        • 90% Chance of death
      • Septicemic Plague
        • 100% Chance of death
        • Blood infection
    • Extra facts and figures
      • About 33%-35% of Europe pop. was wiped out by the plague
      • Death could occur within 1 day
      • Estimates suggest half of England's pop. died (30%-60%)
        • Estimated death toll for    England and       Ireland:            3.2 billon


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