The Black Death 1348

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  • The Black Death 1348
    • Types of Plauge
      • Bubonic Plague
        • Buboes (swellings in armpits and groin)
        • Fevers
        • Blisters
        • Death in a few days
      • Septicaemic Plague
        • Bleeding
        • Diarrhoea and Vomiting
        • Fingers, toes and nose turn black
      • Pneumonic Plague
        • Coughing up blood
        • Chest pains and trouble breathing
        • Death in two days
    • Causes of the Plague
      • God
        • Punishing the people for their sins
      • Astronomy
        • Unusual movement of the planets
      • Miasma
        • An invisible poison in the air was to blame
      • Humours
        • If the humours were out of balance the people would be vulnerable
    • Treatments
      • None of these treatments work
        • Trying live toads or chickens to the buboes to draw out the disease
        • Blood Letting
          • removing blood to balance the humours


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