The Big Bang theory

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  • The Big Bang theory
    • 5. This theory has led some people, such as Stephen hawking, to doubt the existence of God completely.
      • Saying that we can explain the origins of the world without the need for a creator
    • 2. The current scientific thinking about the creation of the world is that it was caused by the big bang.
    • 4. This explosion, or big bang, caused particles and atoms caused particles and atoms to be formed
      • This formed led to the formation of stars and planets.
    • 1. The branch of science which studies the origins of the universe is cosmology.
    • 6. Powerful telescopes can detect evidence of background radiation which is thought to be left over from the initial expansion at the start of the universe.
    • 3. This claims that all matter was originally concentrated into a tiny point which, resulted in a explosion 13.7 billion years ago in space


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