The Big 3

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  • The Big 3
    • Britain- Llyod George
      • •Needs to punish Germany as the public want it •Don’t want to punish Germany too harshly because they wanted to trade with her this morning •Wants peace so that they can trade after with other countries.  Wants to make the British Empire stronger so wanted some of Germany’s colonies    
    • France- Clemenceau
      • •Want to punish Germany harshly in order to:   ensure French security by making Germany weak and unable to attack   get compensation from Germany in order to rebuild the damage done in WW1
    • USA- Wilson
      • •Wants a fair peace treaty – doesn’t want Germany punished too harshly, thinks that it will make Germany want revenge. •14 Points – set out his ideas, e.g. LEAGUE OF NATIONS and SELF DETERMINATION 
        • 14 Points: No secret treaties Freedom of movement on the sea for all Free trade between countries Disarmement by all countries Colonies to have a say in their own future Russia to be free of German troops Belguim to be independent Alsace-Lorraine to go to France New frontier between Austria and Italy


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