The Berlin Wall - Germany

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  • The Berlin Wall
    • Number of people leaving East Germany
      • 1949 - 129,245
      • 1961 - 159,730
      • 1953 - 331,390
      • Total - 2,691,270
    • The events of 1961
      • June
        • The Vienna Summit. Khrushchev pressurised the US President Kennedy to withdraw Western forces from West Berlin
        • Kennedy promised to protect West Berlin freedoms
      • July 17
        • The West rejected Khrushchev's demands
      • July 23
        • The East imposed strict travel restrictions. Up to 1,000 refugees had been leaving each day
      • July 25
        • Kennedy gave further guarantees to West Berlin. He announced increase arms spending
      • August 13
        • A barbed wire barrier along the border between East and West was erected by East Germany. Free movement ended
      • August 22
        • Barbed wire was replaced with a concrete wall. All routes were closed except Checkpoint Charlie
      • October
        • US diplomats and troops crossed into the East, to test the Soviet reaction. On 27 Oct, Soviet tanks arrived at Checkpoint Charlie and refused the West access. There was a gradual pull back
    • Consequences of the Belin Wall
      • Berlin was divide physically. Free access was denied
      • An exodus of worker was prevented. Escapees were shot
      • The workforce in the East was stabilised and economy improved
      • The East introduced limited liberalisation and decentralisation
      • The Four Power Agreement on Berlin was Ended
      • Kennedy refused to pull down the Wall. He appeared weak
      • Khrushchev couldn't remove the West from Berlin. Appeared weak
      • The Wall was used as propaganda against communism
    • In the 1950s many fled from East to West Germany. This increased in 1956 with the Hungarian Uprising
    • In 1958 Khrushchev demanded that Western Powers recognise the DDR, withdraw from West Berlin and hand over assess routes. The Allies ignored him
    • The USA poured huge amounts of aid into West Berlin in comparison the East was not prosperous - many left to the West


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