The Berlin Wall - 1961

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  • The Berlin Wall - 1961
    • What?
      • Many people were fleeing from East Berlin to West Berlin due to better lifestyle conditions in West Gemany
        • About 2 Million from 1945-1961. These workers were very skilled
      • This was a huge embarrassment for Khrushchev and it was a big propaganda defeat
    • What did he do?
      • Built a wall which bordered the 2 sides of Berlin guarded by Soviet Tanks
      • 1st it was just barbed wire and then later turned into a stone wall
    • Reactions?
      • The USA and West Germany thought it was a failure of communism, took advantage for propaganda  and thought they had to imprison their citizens to keep them in
    • Americas Response
      • Kennedy sent his vice Priciple to Berlin with troops
      • That was to make West Berlin (Capitalist) and make the soviets realise that USA would resist and attempt to expand communist influence into West Berlin
      • At 'Checkpoint Charlie' there was a small confrontation of tanks between USA and USSR this couldve escalated but no shots were fired and Tanks withdrew
      • West made propoganda and claimed it was a failure of communism
    • Importances
      • Stopped the number of people fleeing from East Berlin. However there were 5.000 escapess after the wall
      • Propoganda vicotory for Americans
      • Stabalised East Germans economy
      • Kennedy didnt want to give up however he didnt want to go to war with Berlin
      • USSR had clearly given ufor takign control over W.B
      • Deaths attempting to cross the wall:136 (approx.)
    • Wall was took down in 1989


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