The Beatles SGT Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band

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  • The Beatles
    • Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
      • 3rd harmonies in the chorus
      • Uses echo effect
        • Creates spacey feel
      • Uses guitar bends
      • Uses tone painting
      • Disjunct ostinato melody in the intro
      • Uses A5 and augmented chords
        • Augmented chords create dissonance
      • Unrelated key modulations
      • Verses are in 3/4 but the choruses are in 4/4
      • Sycopated melody in teh prechorus
      • Straight rhythms in the verse
    • With a Little Help From My Friends
      • Syncopated melody
      • Small range of notes in the vocals (octave)
      • Little Melisma
        • singing technique that uses more than one note per syllable
      • Mostly syllabic
        • Every word/syllable has one note
      • Parallel thirds in introduction "Billy Shears"
      • B7 is used
      • First 4 bars are in G but then changes to the key of E
      • Backbeat used
        • Bass emphasises 1st and 3rd beats
      • Moderate tempo
      • Uses instruments typical of pop rock music
        • Electric guitar
        • Vocals
          • Sometimes overdubbed
        • Bass guitar
        • Drums
    • Within you, Without you
      • Indian Classical Fusion
      • Uses Rag
        • The Rag used is Khamaj that sounds like mixolydian
      • Uses diminished 5th chords
      • Uses a mix of western and Indian instruments
        • Violins and cellos - Play catchy riffs
        • Dilruba - melody
        • Mellatron
        • Sitar
        • Tambura - Drone
        • Tabla - beat
        • Swarmandal
        • Acoustic guitar
      • No specific chords used
        • Drones are used
      • Legato vocals
      • Mostly syllabic but some melisma is used
      • Unresolved chords
      • Uses Eastern/Buddhist philosophy
      • Starts with Alap in the intro
        • the opening section of a typical North Indian classical performance. It is a form of melodic improvisation that introduces and develops a raga
        • Uses tempo rubato
      • Riffs are used


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