The battle of Waterloo - role of Duke of Wellington and Napoleon Bonaparte

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  • The Battle of Waterloo
  • The Duke of Wellington
    • Prepared to defend his position
    • Was successful in holding out defeat until the Prussian Army arrived
    • He used squares for defence with cannons - hard to break
    • He switched eventually to attack tics - melee ensued
    • The cavalry were deployed to discourage desertion
  • Napoleon Bonaparte
    • Suffering from piles and irritability he was unable to make proper decisions and assess the battle field
    • He used 33,000 men to slow the Prussians, they returned late and exausted
    • He delayed the start as he believed the battlefield was too muddy for cavalry
    • His unsuccessful attempt to attack Hougoumont had tied up half of his infantry
    • Late in the afternoon he launched another attack when he could have withdrawn


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