Battle of Gaugamela 331BC

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  • Battle of Gaugamela 331BC
    • Parmenion's advice before the battle
      • Alexander completes suggested reconnaissance of ground, wise AR
      • Both -  Parmenion advised a night attack after seeing Persians (AR est.1m infantry)
        • On behalf of other generals PL
        • Good Alex rejected this, takes away adv of stronger armies AR
      • Both - Alex didn't want  stolen victory - PL
        • At Issus he blamed the narrow pass
    • Omens & Alexander’s lie in on morning of the battle
      • Both say there was a total eclipse of the moon
        • Performed sacrifices to god Fear with Aristander PL
        • Sacrifices to Sun, Earth & Moon AR
      • Aristander spotted eagle hovered over Alex, flew towards enemy. Victory! PL
      • Aristander a true prophet, foretold Alex wold win before month of eclipse was over AR
      • Parmenion asked Alex how he could sleep at such an important time - PL
        • Alex said they'd won already really (confidence)
          • Soldiers gave  orders for breakfast themselves
    • Parmenion's conduct
      • P - message that camp almost lost Mazaeus sent horsemen around phalanx PL
        • Weak - Alex thought he'd lost his wits,  it wouldn't matter if they won
    • Battle events
      • PL - Alex addressed Thessallians, if really son of Zeus they should protect/encourage Greeks


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