The Battle of Ferry Bridge 28th March 1461

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  • The Battle of Ferry Bridge
    • Took place on the 28th March 1461
    • Edward, Duke of York and the Earl of March were determined to avenge the defeat and death of his father at Wakefield.
    • Edward marched north from Gloucester to intercept a Lancastrian army under James Butler
    • The Lancastrians were routed in a significant victory at Mortimer's Cross that had been planned and led by Edward.
    • After his victory, Edward was in London, where he was proclaimed King Edward IV on 4th March 1461
    • However, he had to confront the Lancastrians in the North.
    • Ferry bridge was a skirmish that took place a day before the bloodier Battle of Towton.
    • A small force of Lancastrians under Lord Clifford, tried to stop Yorkist troops, under Warwick, from using a river crossing at Ferry Bridge.
    • Clifford was killed whilst Warwick was wounded.
    • The Lancastrians fled


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