The Battle of Blore Heath 23rd September 1459

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  • The Battle of Blore Heath
    • Took place on the 23rd September 1459
    • Triggered by Margaret stopping supplies and funds being sent to Warwick.
    • Warwick was summoned to London to answer to charges of treasury.
      • Margaret declared all 3 Yorkists as traitors.
    • York raised an army of 3-6000 men, who were led by Salisbury
      • They were ambushed by Audley at Blore Heath
    • Yorkists were winning, whilst some of Lancastrian were attacking their own side.
    • 2000 men from the Lancastrian line were killed
      • Whereas Yorkists lost no more than 500 men.
        • However Sir John and Sir Thomas Neville were trapped and captured by an enemy
    • However, by 12th October 1459, York was outnumbered by more than 3-1, so York and his 2 sons, along with Warwick and Salisbury, fled.
      • Knowing any battle could not be won, to Calais and Ireland.


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