The Baath Party

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  • The Baath Party
    • The Baarth Party was established in Syria in the 1950s but its influence extended to several Arab countries including Iraq.
    • Baarth means "Renaissance" or rebirth of Arab power.
    • Baathists called for Unity in the  Middle East among Arabs. it was know as Arab Nationalism.
    • They were mainly supported because they demanded a strong stand againsy foreign interference in Iraqi affairs.
    • A committed Baathist should see individual Arab states as regions or provinces of the larger Arab nation.
    • The Iraqi Baath party was founded in 1951 and had 500 members three years later.
    • Saddam Hussein joined it as a 20-year-old in 1956
    •  General Ahmad Hasan al-Bakr, also from Tikrit and a relative of the Saddam Hussein's, took power. The two worked closely together and became the dominant force in the Baath party, with Saddam Hussein gradually outstripping the president's leadership.
    • The party came to power on 8 February 1963 in a coup backed by the Army, overthrowing Brigadier Abdel Karim Qasim - who himself overthrew the British-installed Iraqi monarchy in 1958.
    • Saddam Hussein was elected assistant general secretary of the party in 1966 and staged a successful coup in 1968
    • The Baathist hold on power did not last long. Within months, Brigadier Qasim's ally, Colonel Abdel Salam Muhammad Aref, seized power. .


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