The arctic

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  • The Arctic
    • Human Activity
      • retreating ice caps
        • animals move north to find resting ground.
          • inuits cannot catch these animals.
            • interdependence affected.
              • Forced to give up sustainable hunting.
                • forced to find new jobs and leave.
    • Mineral Exploitation
      • Human Health impact
        • Child respiratory disease, 2 times likely.
        • 15.8% all deaths among children.
        • premature births
        • late- term pregnancy complication
        • Chronic lung disease, cancer
      • Ecological impact
        • NiO and SO2 pollution kills vegetation, impacting food chain
        • no veg for 30 km, have to import
          • atmospheric warming, permafrost, habitats
        • traditional berries are very toxic.
        • acidification, sea habitats.
    • Actic Council
      • Sustainable development
      • environment protection
      • environment, cimate
      • oceans
      • arctic people
      • the work is carried out by 6 different groups, one of which is CAFF.
    • CAFF
      • conservation of Arctic flora and fauna.
      • monitors how climate change affects flora, fauna, people.
      • uses collected data to advise on human activity.


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