Anti Corn Law League

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  • The Anti-Corn Law League
    • Aims
      • Eradicate the Corn Laws
      • Campaign for free trade
      • Close the gap between rich and poor
    • Significant
      • Persuaded Lord John Russell of benefits of repeal
      • Peel planned for repeal long before ACLL pressure
      • Raised awareness of repeal
    • Leadership
      • Richard Cobden:
        • Grew up in poverty but later became wealthy businessman.
        • Mp for Stockport so able to campaign within parliament
      • John Bright:
        • 'Nouveau Riche' like Peel
        • Great public speaking
        • Attacked aristocracy (appealed to m+w class)
        • Campaigned for universal male suffrage and secret ballot
    • Tactics
      • ACLL funds paid deposits for league members to be MPs
      • Public lectures held nationwide
      • Pamphlets,leaflets and reports of ACLL meetings
      • Newspaper: 'Anti-corn Law Circular'
      • New repeal bills annually
    • Opposition
      • 1846, only small number of seats secured
      • Peel and the Conservatives (majority in 1841)


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