The Amazing and Mystical Properties of Marram Grass (the most magical of all plants)

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  • The Amazing and Mystical Properties of Marram Grass (the most magical of all plants)
    • Anatomical Adaptations
      • Long roots to reach water underground
      • Leaves are curled to reduce surface area
      • Lower epidermis covered in hair to reduce air movement
      • Fewer stomata so less water vapour lost
      • Leaf covered in a thick waxy cuticle to reduce evaporation of water from the cells
    • Physiological/Biochemical Adaptations
      • Leaves contain many lignified cells that provide support when water is not available to keep cells turgid
      • Rolls its leaves due to the action of hinge cells in the lower epidermis which lose water and become flacid, rolling the leaf
      • The guard cells open and close the stomata, open when water is available, closed when water is not
      • Marram is not very salt tolerant but maintains cell water potential that is lower than other plants, enabling it to survive near the sea
    • Behavioural Adaptations
      • When covered by sand marram will grow more quickly to reach the sunlight
      • The leaves roll and the stomata close as a reaction to a lack of water


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