The Aims of the Peacemakers

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  • The Aims of the Peacemakers
    • FRANCE (Clemenceau)
      • wanted revenge for all the people lost in WW1
      • wanted to push the German border back to the Rhine so French people would feel safer
      • wanted Germany to pay reparations to rebuild areas of France badly affected by war
    • USA (Wilson)
      • wanted a fair peace, so Germany would not seek revenge
      • proposed the Fourteen Points
      • Americans did not want the USA to be involved in European affairs again
    • BRITAIN (Lloyd George)
      • wanted naval supremacy by reducing Germany's navy
      • aimed to gain German colonies to add to the British Empire
      • wanted Germany to stay strong so it could trade with Britain and act as a buffer for Communism
      • wanted a cautious approach
        • the British public wanted Germany to be punished, however Lloyd George feared that would lead to German retaliation
    • The armistice
      • Germany had to pay reparations
      • give Alsace-Lorraine back to France
      • move the German army out of the Rhineland
    • The Paris Peace Conference
      • January 1919
      • 32 countries
      • Palace of Versailles
      • to discuss the Treaty of Versailles


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