The aims of Charles I and the opposition

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  • The Aims of Charles I and the opposition
    • Aims of the King in the Short Parliament
      • Receive a grant to fund the war against Scotland
      • Prevent a rebellion in all three kingdoms, as Scottish Presbyterians were in contact with Puritans and Ulster Protestants
    • Aims of the Opposition in the Short Parliament
      • Redress their grievances
      • Prevent Charles from creating an arbitrary government, and not be dissolved as soon as they grant funds
    • Aims of the King in the Long Parliament
      • Subsidies without too many concessions
    • Aims of the Opposition in the Long Parliament
      • Removal of Charles' evil advisors - especially Strafford
        • Proceedings against Strafford
          • Strafford was a major threat to parliaments reforms
          • Parliament realised that impeachment would fail (due to the House of Lords)
            • They used an Act of Attainder and public outrage to ensure his execution
          • Laud and other ministers were arrested, and some fled
      • Dismantling the means to create another personal rule
      • Reform the Church in line with Puritanism
      • Increase the role of parliament in government


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