Aims of Alexander II's domestic policies

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  • The aims of Alexander II's domestic policies
    • Aims
      • Healthy, free educated population = an efficient population
      • Developed transport network to move army around, distribute supplies
      • System of government taking into account newly freed serfs = more political stability.
    • Political reasons
      • New social/political thought (more left wing) could not be stopped. Position of Tsar threatened
      • Difficult to maintain vigilance that Nicholas had
      • Social structure doing nothing to help nobility
    • Economic reasons
      • Serfdom prevented movement of workers to factories
      • Need for agricultural developments, not enough supply for demand - serfs  little motivation
      • landowners hard to sell without modern practices. International competition led to debts
    • Moral reasons
      • Visits provided first hand experience - cared for serfs?
      • Immoral to keep serfs like cattle, upper class look apathetic
      • Lost pride, needed training, industrialisation, communication and talented advisors.
    • Military Reasons
      • Poorly equipped (1 in 2 soldiers had musket).
      • Serfdom meant army had little motivation or knowledge - susceptible to disease


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