The ageing population

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    • FACTS
      • decline in death rate & increased life expectancy means people live longer
      • britain has an ageing population - the average age of the population is getting higher with a greater proportion of the population over retirement age & smaller proportion of young people
      • a boost in economy = emergence of new markets, society benefits from higher taxes being paid by elderly
        • more community involvement= 2013/14 nearly 4.9m over 65 volunteered
          • less crime= older people more law abiding
      • family support = unpaid childcare, extended family
      • more poverty= leaving paid jobs means drop in income
        • family stress= emotional strain & overcrowding, families may have to look after grandparents - cause stress
      • loss of skills from the labour work force= long time to train young workers & get them up to speed with level of skill of the experienced
      • more ill-health
        • more work for women= feminists would argue women take on a more active role in looking after grandparents - add to the triple shift
        • dependency ratio= increasing number of older people have to be supported by a decreasing proportion of the working population


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