Augustan Propaganda

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  • "The ‘Aeneid’ is nothing more than propaganda for Augustan Rome." - June 2015
    • Aeneas and Propaganda
      • Pietas - Key Roman Attribute
      • Looks after his men by providing them with stags in Bk 1 just as Augustus looks after Rome
      • Eventually extracts himself from Carthage and Dido unlike Mark Anthony who did not with Cleopatra
      • Loyal to family (e.g Book 2, 5 and 6) relating to Augustus and his moral legislation
      • Divine Link - Venus is his mother. Augustus believed he came from divine roots
      • Military and Diplomatic Skill (e.g Bk 8 with Evander) - similar to skills needed with Emperor
      • His furor (e.g Bk 12) is excusable to show Caesars killing of his fathers murderers
      • Builds a lasting city from defeated people just as Augustus overcomes the horror of the Civil Wars in order to establish the Golden Age
    • Other Propaganda
      • Neptune being compared to Aeneas and the Plebs in Book 1
      • Foundation Myth of the founding of Rome
      • Allows for Augustus to be seen as a Second Aeneas
        • A Second Golden Age
      • Gates of Janus/Gates Of War: Aeneas exits the Gates of Ivory
      • Prophecies (Book 1, Book 6) that heavily reference Jupiter
      • THE SHIELD! Book 8
    • Other Elements of the Narrative
      • Stands alone as an interesting and engaging story
        • Emotive feelings evoke from Deaths (e.g Pallas, Dido)
        • Chronicles an almost Odysseyan Journey
      • An analysis of heroism, life and death
    • Ineffective Propaganda
      • If Aeneas is a representation of Augustus, why is he sometimes presented as weak
      • Aeneas has a lack of clementia and is full of furor in Book 2 and Book 12 - these are not morals Augustus was in line with representing


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