The 6 Perfections

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  • The 6 Perfections
    • Zeal
      • Making a courageous heroic effort to realise enlightenment. The sankrit means 'hero'. To practice it you must develop your own character and courage by engaging in spiritual training then they dedicate their efforts to others
    • Meditation
      • A discipline intended to cultivate the mind. This closely relates to samadhi (concentration) and is the foundation of wisdom.
    • Wisdom
      • You must realise the truth of sunyata. It is the ultimate paramita that includes all other paramitas. its about understanding the truth of everything and how sunyata underpins everything
    • Generosity
      • This starts with the Bodhicitta - the essence of the Buddha in everyone. Where compassion for all beings is realised. It is giving from sincere desire to benefit others without expecting recognition. There must be no selfishness attached.
    • Morality
      • Demonstrating compassion to all beings through the way that you think and behave. Its about practising right thought and speech. This leads people to a monastic life.
    • Patience
      • It literally means able to withstand. There are 3 dimensions.
        • Ability to endure personal hardship
        • Patience with others
        • Acceptance of truth


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